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Studies show that around 35% of people only ever click the top search engine result. And that 75% of people don't even make it to page 2. Put simply, if you're website isn't ranking highly, your potential customers are going elsewhere. If you have an online business and need to improve your search engine ranking, the answer to your problems is SEO & Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is now a essential part of any business that wants to grow and succeed in the market place today. With an estimated 80% plus of the UK population able to search online, if you are not using the internet as a marketing tool for your business, you are missing out. Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services provide Internet Marketing Services for business and other organisations who are looking to make their website work for them.

Getting your site to the top position in the search engine results will automatically increase the number of impressions and clicks your website receives. By boosting the traffic to your site, SEO ultimately helps to potentially deliver more leads and sales for your business.

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Supercharge your Business with SEO

Direct Submit have been in operation since 2001. Over this period, we have successfully implemented & managed numerous Search Engine Optimisation projects for a range of local and national clients. We can do the same for you too! Take a look at our glowing testimonials and you'll quickly see the positive results Direct Submit can achieve for your business.

We offer a comprehensive range of Internet Marketing and SEO services to our clients, and aim to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings and keeping them there. How can we do that? By using a combination of SEO submissions, link building, social media, directory work and many other 'white hat' processes. In short, our expertise and commitment will help keep you website at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Whether its getting your site found in the Search Engines, raising your company profile or increasing your sales, we start with your goals and tailor our SEO services to suit. Then, we roll up our sleeves and deliver what we promised. .

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